About Cremation Companion

Pet Cremation Companions are keepsake Charms that can be held and cherished forever.  The Companions are designed to oxidize and will, upon cremation of your pet, take on a unique one of a kind darker appearance. The Essence of the pet cremated becomes a part of the Cremation Companion. The Companions can be put on a chain, keychain or just held on to as you feel the need to be close to your pet who has passed away.  Engraving is available as an additional option.   Each Companion will engrave uniquely making them even more treasured. Be sure to order one for each family member as they will all want one to hold on to.

  Engraving is Available FOLLOWING Cremation Only, not before. 

Do not try engrave these on your own.  You risk ruining the Charm, and there are no second chances with these.  They are made of a very special hardened alloy that requires a special type of engraving machine to achieve a beautiful appearance.  

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